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Embers of Bridges

Four friends. One robbery. What price loyalty?

Van driver Mickey's been following best mate Gaz from one scrape to another since primary school. He's been deluding himself about the reasons for almost as long: Gaz is fun; Gaz brings excitement to his otherwise dull life; Gaz's sister Trudy is hot enough for any kid to die for.

Now the Live Hard, Die Young gang's all grown up and the scrapes have turned into robberies, but the excuses stay the same. Mickey's loyalty is about to be tested, though, as Gaz is acting weird and the robberies keep going tits-up. As their latest job in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter leads to a bizarre getaway on a canal boat, he can think of only one thing. Not him. Not Gaz. This can't be lurve. Can it?

But Mickey isn't the only one with a secret. And when he finds out what Gaz is hiding, he has to decide which of his bridges to burn...

This noirish comedy of errors is set around the back streets and canals of Birmingham, and is available on Kindle and (free) on Kindle Unlimited.

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Gravy Train

How far would you go for £80,000?

Crime pays. So barmaid Sandra thinks, but she's reckoned without a whole host of losers and low-lifes including a mugger, a car thief, a gang boss and her own terrible almost-uncle George. They're all great at helping themselves, but will any of them manage to hang on to the loot?

A noir comedy of errors set around the back streets and canals of Birmingham, published by All Due Respect and available as either e-book or paperback.

Raise the Blade

Like a spider wrapping flies...

Would you go, alone and unarmed, into the home of someone you knew was a murderer? Probably not, but that's what serial killer Duncan's victims do. Do they contribute to their own fate, and if so, why?

This darkly humorous pyschological noir novella has been polished, re-badged and re-published and is now available on Kindle, or free on Kindle Unlimited.

On a shorter note...

Tess has always specialised in short stories and over the years these have darkened the pages of many anthologies and magazines. Scroll down for more...


Blowing down the walls of Jericho takes on an all too personal meaning for a demolition expert in this short in the fourth Shotgun Honey anthology, 'Recoil'.

Rabbit Stew

Feeling peckish? Tess's macabre short story 'Rabbit Stew' appears in Skin & Bones, a tasty cannibal-themed collection from Down & Out Books.

Last Chance Saloon

A dirty weekend, a remote country road, and a beat-up car. What could possibly go wrong? Charity anthology from the Crime & Publishment attendees.

My Own Eggsecutioner

A stolen Faberge egg, an antiques shop and a pair of scissors lead to disaster. Charity anthology benefitting Sophie's Appeal and Hospice UK.

Wheel Man

"This wasn't car theft, it was a coup." Car thief Justine is forced to take desperate action when her boss won't take her cars any more.

Running Late

Calling time on a bent copper, in every sense of the word. A tense short story in this anthology from Shotgun Honey.

Singing From the Same Sheet

The difference between good and bad may be smaller than you think... A dark tale with a 'punch in the gut' ending.

Dead Man Walking

You can't be done for murder if you're dead... Charity anthology in aid of the Marfan Foundation. An audio version is also available on Soundcloud.

Snow Joke

Two burglars get caught in a snowstorm - but this is snow joke! Charity anthology in aid of prison reform campaign Nation Inside.

The Train Now Leaving

A marriage made in heaven? Definitely not... Crime & Publishment anthology benefiting Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.

Money Laundering

Putting a whole new spin on money laundering - in just 81 words!

Tuning the Old Joanna

A man, his wife, her lover, and his piano feature in a lesson in disharmony.

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