Gravy Train

£80,000. Seven people want it. Will anyone get it?

"...a terrifically entertaining, raucous and rough ‘n’ tumble Brit Grit crime caper that will leave you breathless." – Paul D. Brazill, author of Last Year’s Man, A Case Of Noir, and Guns Of Brixton.

When a bunch of losers chase a bag of money round Birmingham’s back streets and canals, they soon find out they’re hopeless at hanging onto it. So will crime pay, or will their gravy train come shuddering to a halt?

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Raise the Blade

Would you go, alone and unarmed, into the home of a murderer?

"...this deliciously clever novella will appeal to those who enjoy the likes of ‘The Wasp Factory’" B. A. Morton, author

"...a gloriously gruesome read, riven with the very blackest of humour..." Ian Ayris, author

This darkly humorous psychological noir novella featuring a serial killer and six victims trapped in a web of violence is available in both paperback and Kindle versions from Caffeine Nights Publishing.

Short stories...

Tess has stories in the following anthologies and magazines. To buy the books, click the thumbnail to take you to the relevant page on Amazon. Most of the books are available in both paperback and Kindle versions, and you can also find most of them on

skin and bones

Skin & Bones

Feeling peckish? Tess's macabre short story 'Rabbit Stew' appears in this tasty new cannibal-themed collection from Down & Out Books.

Wish You Werent Here

Wish You Weren't Here

Last Chance Saloon: a remote country road, a dodgy car, and a dirty weekend. What could go wrong? Second chance to read this story, in the new charity anthology from the Crime & Publishment writers.

Dark Minds

Dark Minds

My Own Eggsecutioner: an antiques shop, a stolen Faberge egg and a pair of scissors lead to disaster. Charity anthology benefiting Sophie's Appeal and Hospice UK.

Drag Noir

Drag Noir

Wheel Man: This wasn't car theft, this was a coup... Car thief Justine's forced to take desperate action when her boss stops accepting her cars.

Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded

Running Late: Calling time on a bent copper, in every sense of the words.



Singing From the Same Sheet: The difference between good and bad may be smaller than you think... A dark tale with a 'kick in the gut' ending.


Exiles: An Outsider Anthology

Dead Man Walking: because you can't be done for murder if you're dead. The story is also available on Soundcloud. Charity anthology benefiting the Marfan Foundation.

Last Word

Last Word

Snow Joke: two burglars caught in a snow-storm... but this is snow joke. Charity anthology in aid of prison reform campaign Nation Inside.

Happily Never After

Happily Never After

The Train Now Leaving: A marriage made in heaven? Definitely not... Charity anthology benefiting Hearing Dogs for the Deaf.


The Best of 81 Words

Money Laundering: a whole new spin on laundering cash in just 81 words.

Crime Syndicate magazine

Crime Syndicate Magazine

Tuning the Old Joanna: a man, his wife, her lover, and his piano. A lesson in disharmony.

Even more stories...

Tess has also had short stories published in the following online magazines. All these are free to read - click the story title to take you to the relevant page.

Bang to Rights - an ex-soldier regrets agreeing to help a bunch of animal liberationists. But will her revenge take the form you expect? In brand new magazine Punk Noir.

Art Attack - metal thieves; a sculpture made from knives; what could possibly go wrong? Based on a true story. At Near to the Knuckle.

Troubled Waters - poignant tale set in Liverpool during two different (real-life) riots and featuring Simon and Garfunkel, the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and a magic flute, in Pulp Metal Magazine.

The Red Umbrella - a dark, tragic tale inspired by Tess's trademark red umbrella, at Spelk Fiction.

Clickbait - Markie's nervous about his new job when he meets some nutter on the bus. But it seems he needn't have worried after all... In Out of the Gutter Online.

Scorpio - the frog and the scorpion, transferred to a pilot and a murderer. At Thrills Kills 'n' Chaos.

Trick of the Trade - a wry tale about a highwayman with a modern twist, at Spelk Fiction.

The Drop - ultra-short story about a pervert and a missing mobile phone, where everything isn't as it seems. At Out of the Gutter Online.

The Floor's the Limit - bringing a whole new meaning to 'look before you leap'. In Out of the Gutter Online. Also appearing, translated into Polish, at Polski Noir.

Badge of Honour - dark, vicious tale about a kid growing up on a modern estate, in Pulp Metal Magazine.

Biter Bit - black-as-night tale that blurs the edges between fantasy and reality, in Out of the Gutter Online.

Enjoy the Trip - a slighted crime boss and a banana skin. At Shotgun Honey magazine.

Blatant trumpet-blowing

Don't just take Tess's word for it - other people have enjoyed her writing too. Here's what they've been kind enough to say:

"Tess Makovesky writes with an immediacy that pulls you instantly into the story."
Michael J Malone, author of 'Blood Tears' and 'Bad Samaritan'

"Another great new author to the crime scene."
Sheila Quigley, author of the Seahills series and the Holy Island trilogy

"[ of] a group of writers that live by a formula for creating unexpected twists at the ends of their stories."
Dana Kabel, author

"...splendidly crafted to mislead readers about who the protagonist is and what he does for a living before kicking them in the gut with the truth at the end."
William E Wallace, author, on 'Singing From the Same Sheet'

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