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All aboard the Gravy Train! Tess's brand new novel launches today, courtesy of All Due Respect.

£80,000. Seven people want it. But will any of them get it?

To find out, hop on and shunt over to Amazon now!

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Raise the Blade

Would you go, alone and unarmed, into the home of a murderer? Probably not, but that's what serial killer Duncan's victims do. Find out why in Tess's "gloriously gruesome" psychological noir novella.

"...this deliciously clever novella will appeal to those who enjoy the likes of ‘The Wasp Factory’..." B.A. Morton, author

Tess who?

Liverpool lass Tess is now settled in the far north of England, where she roams the fells with a brolly, dreaming up new stories and startling the occasional sheep...

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More books

Tess's stories have darkened the pages of over a dozen anthologies and magazines. You can find the whole lot listed on the 'Tess in Print' page.

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Blatant trumpet-blowing

Don't just take Tess's word for it - other people have enjoyed her writing too. Here's what they've been kind enough to say:

"Tess Makovesky writes with an immediacy that pulls you instantly into the story."
Michael J Malone, author of 'Blood Tears' and 'Bad Samaritan'

"Another great new author to the crime scene."
Sheila Quigley, author of the Seahills series and the Holy Island trilogy

"[ of] a group of writers that live by a formula for creating unexpected twists at the ends of their stories."
Dana Kabel, author

"...splendidly crafted to mislead readers about who the protagonist is and what he does for a living before kicking them in the gut with the truth at the end."
William E Wallace, author, on 'Singing From the Same Sheet'

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