Dark crime and noir fiction

Human nature red in tooth and claw...

Tess writes a distinctive brand of British comedie noir and her short stories have darkened the pages of over a dozen anthologies and magazines. She sets much of her work around the city of Birmingham, in particular the leafy but dubious suburbs, the back streets, and of course, the many canals. She often includes references to Pink Floyd songs, not to mention the occasional elephant.

Her novel 'Gravy Train', a noir romp featuring a bunch of losers chasing a bag of money around Birmingham, is published by All Due Respect, while dark psychological noir 'Raise the Blade' is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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  • Don't forget - dark psychological noir 'Raise the Blade' is available completely free on Kindle Unlimited - or for only £2.99 (or your local equivalent) on Kindle.

  • Tess Who?

    Just who is this Makovesky woman anyway - and what's all the stuff about Birmingham, Pink Floyd and elephants?

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    Tess's stories have darkened the pages of anthologies and magazines for years. Find a list here.

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    Coming to the boil, or bubbling under? See what other dark delights Tess has in store for her readers...

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  • Enough with the callous

    "This has nothing to do with feet, and everything to do with creating some kind of sympathy or empathy between characters and audience."

  • Blatant trumpet blowing

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